Stacy (dragon_trinket) wrote in gayvancouver,

Looking for friends in Vancouver, BC

My wife is Egyptian / Canadian, and I am an American working towards living here with my beautiful wife. As she has just moved from Egypt and I have just moved from the US we don`t know anybody up here. We would like to hopefully meet other lesbian couples that like to hang out watch movies, go for coffee, museums, occasionally out on the weekend clubbing or what not. Mostly random stuff though we do tend to be the bit of homebodies at this time. My wife is a writer who recently got her coming out story in Xtra West. I am a bit of an artist and I also like to write, while doing some work making icons. We are looking to meet some nice lesbian couples to have as friends. So let me know if you are looking for the same and we can get to know each other. I am looking forward to meeting some nice people. Thank you.
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