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This CIty's Colours - Matthew Presidente

Matthew Presidente and guitarist Hazen Rice perform Matty's new tune This CIty's Colours for a video documentary [due end of July] at Langara College. He will also be performing at GayDay Playland and on the main Pride stage after the Pride Parade.



THis City's Colours - Matthew Presidente

This city's colors are alive
But I feel them bleeding into black and white
As we watch from a house we can't afford
And we borrow it so that we don't look poor

I feel so alive when the tempature is on the rise
When the new batch is ripe
The taste is better and the colors bright

This city's dogs
Are bearing their teeth
And they line up all the victims on the street
And they back the homeless up against a wall
And the firing squads just waiting for the call

I feel so adored
When the city keeps asking me for more more more
No work this month again
But still the clock keeps tickin down to 2010

At the end of the rainbow there's a pile of death a focused prism of violence an it's burning a hole in our west end. It was an uphill battle for 30 years and now were liberated queers marching in circles for everyone to see
Be careful where you put your fist
It's easy these days to get hit
With any one of our fine ends
At the end of the rainbow there's a pile of death an no ones gonna stop what hasn't happened yet and oh these city's colors are alive

Can this citys lovers go to bed
When this citys eyes are turning red
As the streets become a violent flood
And our flag this year is covered up in blood

I feel so alive
When the heat in the citys on the rise
As the facts unwind
This citys colors are more defined

Matthew Presidente

Production Credits:
Director - Angela Fairbank
Director of Photography - Stephen Emery
Camera Ops - Angela Fairbank, Wendy Havens, Stephen Emery
Audio - Stephen Emery
Post Production - Stephen Emery
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